Thursday, November 13, 2014

Glee Club Concert

Michigan State offers a lot of fun classes for students to take that may not be related to your degree at all. If you only need one or two more credits in a semester to be full time or need general credit, MSU has a lot of options. Some of my friends have taken athletic classes such as yoga, tennis, and even wheelchair basketball!

Tuesday night I had my Women's Glee Club concert. Both the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs as well as the Acafellas (a male a cappella group) performed at the concert in Fairchild Auditorium on campus. There were engineering students in both large ensembles, and I saw some engineering students in the audience. My roommate came to see me perform, and I saw some of my other friends from class and work. 

Women's Glee Club is a 1-credit class open to women of all majors. There are no auditions or prerequisites, although many members do have prior experience singing in choirs. Class meets for 80 minute periods on Monday and Wednesday late afternoons. I hate to disappoint anyone, but it is nothing like the television show "Glee." We sing women's choral music in a variety of styles and languages, a lot like other high school and college choirs. Just this semester, we sang songs in English, Latin, Yiddish, Hungarian, and Bulgarian. Michigan State does have a variety of a cappella groups and other ensembles if those are more your style.

There are a lot of events going on around campus, so I would encourage you to look into what the College of Music has scheduled and try to attend some of their concerts if that interests you. Many events are even free or discounted for students. Our Tuesday concert was free for students and located on campus not far from the Engineering Building. I had a lot of fun in Glee Club this semester, and was glad I could fit it into my schedule.