Thursday, April 11, 2013

The End is Nearing!

Sorry I have not posted for a while. I have been so busy this semester. I guess I will fill you in with what I have been doing for the past month.

The first full week of March was Spring Break. I did not do anything exciting over that week, but I did the following weekend. Over St. Patrick's Day weekend, I went to New York City with my church choir, St. John Collegiate Ensemble. I sing at church every Sunday with Collegiate Ensemble and we put on a concert once a semester. We were invited to sing the Faure Requiem at Carnegie Hall conducted by MSU's own Dr. Rayl.

We had rehearsal for a few hours each day, but we had time to do some fun activities as well. I went to Times Square, Central Park, the New York Public Library, Chinatown, and Little Italy to name a few places. One night we went to see Disney's Newsies on Broadway, which had excellent singing and dancing. I would recommend the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Newsies to anyone. I also saw an overwelming amount of famous art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Here is a picture of me with Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night at MoMA:

Women's Glee Club also sang at a festival in Big Rapids two weekends ago. Seeing other college women's groups like ours perform was a great learning experience. Getting to know some of the glee club girls outside of class was also a lot of fun. We also had a Glee Club lock in in the Music Practice building on Friday so that we could spend more time together outside of class.
I am really glad that I am also involved with other groups in the East Lansing area that are not related to engineering. There are so many different student groups and organizations that are open to all majors. There are also so many churches and religious groups near campus if you want to be involved with that as well. Sparticipation, the huge extracurricular activity fair at the beginning of the year, has representatives from so many different student groups that are open to all students.
Since the end of the year is nearing, a lot of student groups held elections for their E-boards for next year. I was elected the Sophomore Representative of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) for next year. Serving on the E-board of a club is a great way to get involved and gain leadership experience. I know that leadership experience is very important to a lot of companies who hire co-ops, interns, and full-time engineers.

Three weeks from today, I will be taking my last final of the semester! I can't even believe it! This semester has been crazy busy for me, but the time has really gone by! Michigan State is feeling more and more like my home every day.

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