Wednesday, January 21, 2015


When I had trouble printing out my notes for biochemistry, I went to DECS (Division of Engineering Computing Services). I have visited the DECS office in the past to print out a research poster and for technical support with the office computers. The DECS office is located on the ground floor of the engineering building near the computer labs and lobby and has 3D printers, poster printers, and technical support for students, staff, and faculty. 

Photo of the computer lab
Engineering students at MSU get an engineering account and access to resources maintained by DECS. So, engineering students can use engineering computers, printers, scanners, software, and email. From the engineering computers, students can access all the engineering software that they need for their classes. Therefore, you do not have to buy a special type of computer or software to do classwork. Engineering students also get 600 free prints per semester (which unfortunately do not rollover between semesters) so it is not necessary to have your own printer. Black and white, duplex, color, and poster printing can all be done using the print quota. You can purchase more prints if you need them. Here is some more information about printing.

Computer labs are on all floors of the Engineering Building, some of which are reserved for specific classes and departments while others are open to any engineering student. Some computer labs are open 24 hours a day, except during football games and holidays. There are also ways to remotely access your engineering account from your personal computer at home, but it is not possible to run some of the more intense engineering software.

There are also some engineering labs in Wilson Hall as a part of the CoRe Experience, which are for intro engineering classes (EGR 100, EGR 102) and students. On of the benefits of living in the CoRe Experience is that there are engineering computers and printers in your dorm, so don't have to go to the Engineering Building or even leave the building to do your homework. As the weather gets more intense, avoiding the cold becomes much more alluring!

If you want any more information about DECS, visit their website:

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