Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go Green! Go White!

So I made the biggest freshman mistake when I did not buy season football tickets. I have never been a huge fan of football, and to be honest, I don't think I know any of the rules. But, going to a home football game is such a great experience for everyone!

This was my first college football game, since I went home for Labor Day weekend and missed the first home game. Never had I seen so many people in East Lansing! The Engineering Building had a great view of the stadium and all of the tailgating festivities.

Until I entered the stadium, I did not truly understand just how large Spartan Stadium really was! Cheering with thousands and thousands of other people felt so cool! Being with so many people who have pride in their school and team made me feel like I was a part of one gigantic Spartan family. It really is hard to describe how awesome it felt to be there.
I enjoyed watching the marching band perform, especially because I was a member of my high school's color guard. Watching them from the stands felt a little strange because I was so used to being one of the people performing, but it was a good change.

I am disappointed that the Spartans lost 20-3, but I still had a great time. In my opinion, every MSU student should go to at least one football game.

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